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May 2023

Tanner presented his research at the CBIG meeting (5/31/2023).

Elika, Twisha, and Nick presented their reserach at the 2023 Richard Larock Conference (5/20/2023). Elika won a best presentation award in physical/analytical chemistry.


April 2023

Elika presented her reserach at the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities conference (4/29/2023).

The 23rd Annual R. Bryan Miller Symposium was successfully ended (4/13-14/2023). Jayce, Tanner, and Shota served on the Miller committee.

Alex and Bryant join the lab.

Tanner gave a DEB pizza chalk talk (4/5/2023).


March 2023

Tanner and Jayce presented their research at the CBP retreat (3/30-31/2023).


Tanner gave a TED-style talk and Jayce got 1st place poster award at the DEB retreat (3/18/2023).

Nicole ('17 PhD) gave a DEB Biotechnology seminar. Anna ('18 PhD) joined the reunion (3/17/2023).

The Atsumi lab, togerther with U Washington (Profs. Nelson (PI), Olanrewaju, Proksch) and UT Austin (Prof. Alper), started a new project supported by the NSF EFRI program. This project aims to develop 3D-printed microorganisms for sustainable construction materials (UW press release, the project website).

Dileep gave his 3rd year seminar (3/10/2023).


February 2023

An alumni of my group, Shuchi ('16 PhD, Cardinal Biocraft), gave a DEB seminar (2/3/2023).


Dileep's review article on microbial produciton of HMOs was published in Molecules.

January 2023

Alex joins the lab as BMCDB rotation student.

Nhu joins the lab.


October 2022

Bailey joins the lab as MGG rotation student.

Nhu joins the lab as Chemistry rotation student.

Jake was selected for a 2022 IIFH innovator fellow and will work with Supply Change Capital.


September 2022

Gina joins the lab as MGG rotation student.

Bryant joins the lab as BMCDB rotation student.

Maryam joins the lab as Chemistry rotation student.

Undergraduate students, Twisha and Elica, join the lab.

Shota gave a seminar at CSU Fresno, Chemistry and Biochemistry (9/16/22).

The Atsumi lab, along with the Chen lab, receives an R01 grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences entitled "Microbial production of fucosylated human milk oligosaccharides"  (9/1/2022).


August 2022

A ChemEnergy REU student, Jada, gave a poster presentation (8/12/2022).

Alexa, Lilly and German completed the ACS Project SEED program.

June 2022

Alexa joins the lab for the ACS Project SEED program (6/21/2022).

Jada joins the lab for the NSF REU program (6/21/2022).

Shota gave a talk at ICGEB Applications of Flux Analysis and Synthetic BIology in Bioenergy meeting (Zoom, 6/14/22).


May 2022

Jayce gave her 3yr seminar (5/27/22).

Dileep passed the qualifying exam (5/24/22)!

Shota gave a presentation at Stanford Students in Biodesign: Conference on Global Health (5/22/22).

Mateo and Nick presented their research projects at the 2022 Richard Larock Conference (5/21/22).



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