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News (2011)

Dec 2011

Jordan's review article "Alternative biofuel production in non-natural hosts" has been accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Biotechnology.

The Atsumi lab's
year-end party at Seasons (Davis, Dec 15, 2011)


Nov 2011

Shota attended the NAKFI "Ecosystem Services" conference (Newport Beach, CA, Nov 10-13, 2011)


Shota attended the SBE electrofuels conference(Providence, RI, Nov 6-9, 2011).


Oct 2011

Gabe & Jordan gave a poster presentation at the Sacramento Clean Tech Showcase(Oct 24th, 2011).

Hisanari joins the lab from Asahi Kasei corporation.

Christy joins the lab as a postdoc.

gave a talk at the UCD Plant Biology Graduate Group seminar series (Oct 7th, 2011).

We have been awarded by the NSF Energy for Sustainability program (Oct 2011 - Sep 2014).

September 2011

Shota gave a talk at the ESF-BU-CeBiTec Conference (Bielefeld, Germany, September 18-21, 2011).

Anh & Kevin join the labe as undergraduate researcheres.
Adam joins the lab as a rotation student from BMCDB.

Our new project
(UC Davis News) supported by Asahi Kasei Corporation launched.

August 2011

Our technology 2 is now available for lincensing.

Taizo (Kyushu University) visited us.

July 2011

Shota gave a talk at the SIM Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA, July 28, 2011)

Shota attended the DOE-BER biosystems design workshop (Bethesda, MD, July 17-19, 2011)

Shota gave a talk at the Gordon Conference: Enzymes, Coenzymes & Metabolic Pathways (Waterville, NH, July 10-15, 2011).

Dong hee joins the lab as a summer graduate student.
Iara  joins the lab as a postdoc.

June 2011

Chieu joins the lab for the ACS SEED project.

Shota's comments about the ideal biofuel are highlighted in Neil Savage's article on Nature.

Shota attended the Present and Future of Synthetic Biology as a panelist at Karlsruhe, Germany (June 21-22, 2011)

Daisuke Miura
and his students (Kyushu University) visited us (June 6, 2011).

May 2011

Avik gave a talk in the 2011 Larock Undergraduate Research Conference (May 14th , 2011)

Shota attended the NIH mentoring workshop (Dallas, TX, May 14-16, 2011).

April 2011

Oliver gave a talk at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference (Apr 30th, 2011)

John joins the lab.

We attended the DEB Annual Biotechnology Retreat and Edna gave a poster presentation (Napa, Apr 2nd, 2011).

 (Photo by Diana)

We have been awarded by the NSF Biotechnology, Biochemical, and Biomass Engineering program (Apr 2011 - Mar 2014).

Mar 2011

Our technology 1 is now available for lincensing.

Mike started his new journey in Boston. We will miss you!

Yasuo Yoshikuni (Bio Architecture Lab) gave a seminar for Energy Institute Seminar Series (Mar 7th).

Daisuke Umeno (Chiba University) visited us (Mar 4th).

Shota attended the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit (Feb 28th-Mar 3rd, National Harbor, Maryland).


Gave and Jordan gave poster presentations at the 2011 R. Bryan Miller Symposium (March 3rd).

Feb 2011

Shota will give a talk at ESF-BU-CeBiTec Conference "Microorganisms for Bio-fuel Production from Sunlight" (Sep 18-21, 2011, Bielefeld, Germany)

Shota will give a talk at Gordon Conference "Enzymes, Coenzymes & Metabolic Pathways" (July 10-15, 2011, Waterville Valley, NH)

Yi Tang (UCLA) gave a seminar in our department (2/8/2011).

Jan 2011

Andreas Schirmer (LS9) gave a seminar for Energy Institute Seminar Series

Jordan joins the lab as a graduate student from Chemistry.
Alex joins the lab as a rotation student from BMCDB.
Yoichi joins the lab as a visting graduate student from NAIST, Japan.

We have been awarded by the USDA/NIFA, Sustainable Bioenergy Research Programwith Julia Fan (PD), Charles Wyman (UCR) and Takao Kasuga.

Shota Atsumi
Office: 218 Chemistry
Ph: 530-752-6595
Laboratory: 281 Chemistry