The Balch Lab group focuses on inorganic chemistry. This includes fullerene cages, polymorphs, and crystalization of unstable molecules.


May 2018

1) There they go again! Congratulations to Daniel and Xian!
Their paper was just accepted into the Journal of the American Chemical Society

2) Isaac presented his research at the 51st Annual Larock Conference! Congratulations, Isaac!
3) Congratulations to Xian for accepting a post doctoral research position at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with Dr. David Jenkins! (Go Vols!).

4) Congratulations to Lucy for receiving the prestigious ARCS scholarship, which is awarded
annually to students in STEM fields with outstanding academic merit.

April 2018

1) Isaac presented his research at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference! Congratulations, Isaac!

January 2018

1)Amineh's paper was accepted into CrystEngComm! Congratulations, Dr. Aghabali!

2)We welcome Venoos Moshayedi to the Balch lab!

December 2017

1)Congratulations to Mrittika Roy, the newest member of the Balch Lab group.

2)Kamran's new paper new paper on the reluctant cocrystal growth of fullerenes has
been unrelucantly accepted into the journal of Inorganica Chimica Acta. Congratulations!

3)The new and remastered website is now live!!!