CHE226 Transition Metal Chemistry Fall 2009 - 2019
This course covers advanced topics in inorganic chemistry. It is most directly aimed at first year chemistry graduate students however, it is open to anyone with an interest in inorganic chemistry. The course covers both transition metal electronic structure and bonding, and building on these concepts, moves on to cover transition metal reactivity. Some of the topics discussed include molecular orbital theory, electronic properties, transition metal substitution, cluster chemistry, electron transfer reactions, and organometallic chemistry.

Prerequisite knowledge for this class is CHE124A or equivalent; symmetry, molecular geometry, and molecular orbital theory. CHE210 covers some of this.

CHE124C Transition Metal Chemistry Spring 2012, 2014 - 2019

CHE2C General Chemistry Spring 2011
Electrochemistry, Transition Metal Chemistry, Main Group Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Reaction Kinetics. Prerequisite is CHE2B.

CHE124A Inorganic Chemistry Spring 2010
This course covers the basics of symmetry and group theory and its application to molecular orbital theory of transition metal and main group compounds. The relationship between bonding and spectroscopy is covered using symmetry as a framework. In addition, the basics of bonding in solid state compounds is covered.