William H. Casey, Professor

March 7, 2010

Professor Casey is interested in the reactions between water, rock and minerals. Many weathering phenomena involve reactions with water on mineral surfaces, something which can be mimicked in the laboratory by studying the aqueous chemistry of metal aquo clusters by heteronuclear NMR and MS. Other interests include crystal growth, general cluster chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, and chemistry from an environmental aspect.

Professor UC Davis 1991 - Present
Staff scientist Sandia National Laboratories 1985-1990
PhD Pennsylvania State University 1985
MS UC Davis 1980
BA U. of the Pacific 1976

Open positions

March 7, 2010

We currently are not advertising any openings. However, candidates with their own source of funding are of course always welcome, and can be promised intellectually challenging - and stimulating - work in aqueous geo-, inorganic and biochemistry. We do not only welcome applicants with a good foundation in aqueous chemistry, but also people with as diverese backgrounds as possible. We have immense fun.

About our Research

The Casey laboratory specialises broadly in aqueous chemistry related to the environmental and geological sciences. More ...