Ninth Workshop of the 10+10 Alliance

In May, 2018 collaborators and invited speakers of universities tied to Peking University and to UC Davis will gather to further exchange ideas.


Prof. Matthew Augustine, UC Davis Prof. Peng Chen, PKU
Prof. Robert Continetti, UC San Diego Prof. Xing Chen, PKU
Asst. Prof. Kyle Crabtree, UC Davis Prof. Yiqin Gao, PKU

Prof. Sheila David, UC Davis

Prof. Xuefeng Guo, PKU
Asst. Prof. Davide Donadio, UC Davis Prof. Luhua Lai, PKU
Assoc. Prof. Annaliese Franz, UC Davis Prof. Ang Li, CAS, Shanghai
Prof. Ting Guo, Chair, UC Davis Dr. Hua Lu, PKU
Prof. Peter B. Kelly, UC Davis Prof. Lingdong Sun, PKU
Prof. Lloyd Knox, UC Davis Prof. Shu Wang, Institute of Chemistry, CAS
Asst. Prof. Kristie Koskie, UC Davis Prof. LiTang Yan, Tsinghua University
Prof. Gang-yu Liu, UC Davis Prof. Wenbin Zhang, PKU
Prof. Alexandra Navrotsky, UC Davis Prof. Peng Zou, PKU