Chemistry Club Magic Show at UC Davis Picnic Day on April 21, 2012. Chemistry demonstration for all ages!

Shows: 10:30am, 11:30am, 1pm, and 2pm. All tickets for all show times will be handed out beginning at 9 AM in front of Chemistry 194.


The Chemistry Club at UC Davis creates awareness of the sciences (especially chemistry) in the local community by providing explosive, yet educational, demonstrations at local schools, public parks, and on campus. One major motivation in organizing such shows is exposing school-aged children to the aspects of science that are fun and exciting so as to kindle their interests both in education and science. In addition, we strive to provide networking opportunities to our members so that they may find laboratory internships and jobs; both on and off campus. It is important to learn chemistry from books and teachers; however hands-on work and witnessing chemical phenomena are things that can inspire a new group of future scientists, as well as help further the knowledge of those currently pursuing science careers. The Chemistry Club is a;so responsible for coordinating and executing one of the most exciting, most attended, and most explosive attractions on Picnic Day, the Chemistry Club Magic Show.