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Our current research focuses on the following areas:


Below are select images & micrographs from our studies:

LiMo3Se3 solid LiMo3Se3 strings gold with silica spheres gold in LiMo3Se3
LiMo3Se3 - a precursor
to nanowires
Exfoliated LiMo3Se3
nanowires on
a gold contact
Gold nanocrystals
surrounded by
silica spheres
Gold nanocrystals
in a LiMo3Se3 network
Gold Silica composite LiMo3Se3 in THF magnetic liquid crystal  gold aggregates 
Gold nanocrystals
on an amorphous
silica particle 
LiMo3Se3 wires
suspended in THF 
A magnetic liquid crystal between crossed polarizers (left: no
mag. field; right:
with mag. field
Colloidal crystal
containing approx.
200,000 gold

Some video files of our research can be found below:

  • Photocatalytic H2 generation from HCa2Nb3O10 (3.5 MB, wmv)
  • Multicolor Microscale Mirrors (3 MB, wmv)
  • Magnetic Manipulation of 2-D Colloidal Particles (3 MB, wmv)
  • Colloid Based Magneto-Optical Devices (4 MB, mpeg)
  • Synthesis of CdS nanoparticles (18MB, mpeg)
  • Synthesis of CdSe nanoparticles (8 MB, mpeg)
  • A Magnetic Liquid Crystal (3.5MB, mpeg)
  • Microscope Facility (9.2 MB, mpeg)
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