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The U.C. Davis Small Molecule X-ray Crystallography Laboratory is equipped with four Bruker AXS X-ray diffractometers; three Single Crystal and one Powder diffractometer. These include a D8 VENTURE Photon100 Kappa Dual source Mo/Cu (Iμs), an APEX-II Dual source Cu (Iμs) and Mo (sealed-tube) and an APEX-II Mo (sealed-tube) diffractometers, including a D8 Eco ADVANCE Powder X-ray diffractometer with Lynx-EX detector and 9 position sample changer. Each Single Crystal instrument possesses an inert atmosphere (N2) low temperature device for typical data collections at 90K with temperature ranges from 90K-230K and the APEX-II single source has an additional He low temperature device for data collection as low as 5 K.

           Duo 2010, Room8, APEXII 2003

Room 8 Layout: Duo Cu (Iμs) & Mo sealed-tube sources, APEX-II Mo sealed-tube source.


    APEXII 2003 Mo sealed tube
Dual Source (Cu (Iμs) and Mo (sealed-tube) sources and APEX-II Internal Configurations

D8 Venture Photon 100 CMOS Kappa Duo Cu/Mo 50W ImuS sources                    D8 Eco ADVANCE 2016

D8 VENTURE Dual Source Mo/Cu (Iμs) and D8 ADVANCE Powder Diffractometers.

D8 VENTURE Kappa Duo Cu/Mo 50W ImuS Photon 100 2016     ECO ADVANCE Powder Diffractometer with LYNX detector and 9 position sample stage

Internal configurations for

The facility has several high-speed workstations. Primary crystallographic software is the SHELXTL suite of programs for structure solution and refinement. In addition, we license the Cambridge Structural Database for UCD students, researchers, and staff to use for searching and structural analysis.

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