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The U.C. Davis X-ray Crystallographic Single Crystal and Powder diffraction laboratory has an Outreach component named the UC Davis Crystallography Outreach Center with a goal towards providing West Coast Educational and Research Institutions with high quality crystallographic expertise and opportunities. On the collaborative basis the Center will collect diffraction data and help with crystal structure determination and minimal cost or in some cases, pro-bono. Our established collaborations with several institutions include:

U.C. Santa Cruz

California State University (CSU) East Bay

California State University (CSU) Fresno

California State University (CSU) Sacramento

California State University (CSU) Stanislaus

University of the Pacific (UOP) Stockton

We are interested in extending this Outreach program to include additional institutions on a collaborative basis.

Please contact the lab director at the contact numbers and address below.

James C. Fettinger, Ph.D. in Chemistry Building Lab Rooms 7 or 8 (Lab Phone 530-752-3534) or Office, Room 228, (Office phone: 530-754-7822); email: JCFettinger@UCDavis.edu).

For mail correspondence please write to:

James C. Fettinger, Ph.D.
One Shields Avenue
Chemistry Department
The University of California
Davis, CA 95616-5298

You may submit samples to us by using the Submission Form in .pdf

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