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News (2009-2010)


The Atsumi group year end party at Seasons (12/17/2010)

Nov 2010

Luc Jaeger (UCSB) gave a seminar in our department (11/30/2010)

We visited LS9 and Shota gave a seminar  (11/18/2010)

Shota gave a poster presentation at Governors' Global Climate Summit 3 (11/14/2010)

Oct 2010

Yohei joins the lab as a visting graduate student from the Chiba University, Japan.

Sep 2010

Andrew joins the lab as a rotation student from BMCDB.

Shota did a seminar at Micromidas (9/21/10).

Shota attended to the ARPA-E kickoff meeting at Washington DC.

August 2010

Mike's review article was published by Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

July 2010

Jordan joins the lab as a summer graduate researcher.

Mike's review article "Synthetic Biology Guides Biofuel Production" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

June 2010

We received the 2010 the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

We have been awarded by the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E) with UCLA and Easel Biotechnologies.

Shota gave a seminar at Mitsubishi Chemical (6/27/2010).

May 2010

Tony won 3rd place in the best presentation award at the 2010 Richard Larock Undergraduate Research Conference.

Shota gave a talk at the Synthetic biology symposium for Bioindustrial Applications hosted by University of Alberta (Alberta, Canada).
Mike gave a talk at the Chemical Biology Innovation Group meeting.
Shota gave a talk at the Energy for the future symposium hosted by UC Davis Energy Institute.
Mike presented a poster at the Green Energy Canada-California Consortium Symposium.

April 2010

Mike, Edna and Gabe gave poster presentations at the 2010 R. Bryan Miller Symposium.

March 2010

Shota was invited to the symposium Synthetic Biology: From the Present into the Future" (Kyoto, Japan).
Mike, Edna and Gabe attended the 2010 DEB Biotechnology Training retreat at Napa.

January 2010

Mike (postdoc), Edna (GS) and Gabe (GS) join the group.
Undergraduates Shintaro, Oliver, Hirofumi, Ashley, Huan, Derek, Tony and Avik join the group.

Shota gave an invited lecture for the international frontier lecture review "Synthetic Biology" (Fukuoka, Japan).

November 2009

Shota was invited to the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative conference, Synthetic Biology: Building on Nature's Inspiration (Irvine, CA).

July 2009

The Atsumi research group took off!

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