We are part of the Research Center:

University of California Lab Fees Center for Direct Conversion of CO2

We enjoy working with our current collaborators:

Shota Atsumi (UC Davis)
R. David Britt (UC Davis)
Deanna D'Alessandro (University of Sydney)
James Fettinger (UC Davis, Crystallography)
Natia Frank (University of Nevada Reno)
David Grilles (Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY)
Michael Findlater (University of California Merced)
Christopher Hahn (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Rolfe Herber (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Cameron Kepert (University of Sydney)
Ambar Kulkarni (UC Davis)
Jon Kuchenreuther (Zymochem LLC)
Dmitry Polyansky (Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY)
Marc Robert (University de Paris)

We thank the following sponsors for support: